Multiplications Table app

Ok, this app will be just an example of how to create things programmatically, without
using the Auto Layout or any of the other fancy things within XCode.
It’s a very simple app, but to me it was a very good experience learning to build and troubleshoot things directly in code.
The app will look something like that at the end:

I will break down some of the code here:

First we are going to create all the variables, views and labels we are planning on using:

Getting the screen size of the device( in case we need it or just for fun ):

Creating variables for later use with the current device Width and Height:

Creating a text label to display the slider value and making it round:

Animating the label:

Here is how we are creating the UISlider:

Very important, here is the code that actually fills out the text view with all the calculations:

And we are going to use that function within the function for the Slider Change:

We also use the generateMultiplicationTable function when we first format the text view area, so we can fill it out with all the data, based on the initial number we’ve picked( the initial slider value in our case ):

You can find the complete code on GitHub here:

 Multiplications App – Custom Views on GitHub

Here you can test it ( portrait only ):

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  1. Razvigor Andreev says:

    Any comments or suggestions – let me know, please. If you have your own code and you want to show it – let me know.