Meme app, draft 1

Ok, this is the first draft of an app, which was supposed to be something like a Meme generator.
It was an exercise on the class I am taking with instructor Paul Solt at .

The app includes a lot of different functions and it’s a very useful experience.
There are still a bunch of bugs and issues in it that need ironing, but it is fully functional.

Some of the functions implemented in the app are:

  • image picker
  • gestures
  • applying shadow
  • adding audio
  • animating text
  • creating menu
  • using different view controllers
  • using a delay for functions
  • taking a screenshot of a portion of the screen
  • sharing function

You can find all the files at my repository here:

Repo Meme App

This is a link to a small demo of the app:

Also these are a few pictures of the app in action:

5 thoughts on “Meme app, draft 1

  1. Razvigor Andreev says:

    Review the code and feel free to comment with questions or suggestions 🙂

  2. This is great!
    It’s nearly the same as what im trying to achieve. The difference is i’m trying to also have the ability to load an image from a UICollectionView of images stored in the app in the same view. I have Everything setup, but can’t get my head around sending the cell image selected to the same imageView?
    I want to be able to load images from the users PhotoAlbum, and load images from the collectionView to the same view.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  3. Razvigor Andreev says:

    Hi, I haven’t used the UICollectionView yet. I found this nice tutorial here: , but you probably have already looked at it. It seems that is very close to UITableViewCell. You can look at my last app as I did use the TableView and data/images would get placed depending on the cell ID. This is the TaskList app: , you might want to grab that example and try and convert it to UIColletionView, or just see how the cell IDs are used.

  4. Thanks a lot for that, i’ll have a look at that now!

  5. Razvigor Andreev says:

    No problem! Hope that helps 🙂 I might try and do an example for that one soon.