Contacts App / Inventory with Archiving

Here is the latest app. It is supposed to be an contacts inventory app.
This is the first version as it is just letting you save/load one contact.

Key points here are:

  • creating custom Classes
  • archiving / unarchiving with NSCoding
  • using multiple UIViews with Navigation Controller
  • using multiple, nested ‘if {} else {}’ statements
  • separating your functions on a different .swift file
  • changing place holder values programmatically
  • saving values into an array within a custom Class
  • image picker


You can find my full code at:


Here are a few pictures from within the app:


Here is a demo of the app, please test and comment 🙂

Will need to look into making an inventory of multiple contacts.

One thought on “Contacts App / Inventory with Archiving

  1. Razvigor Andreev says:

    Please let me know if you have and questions, comments or if you encounter any bugs/errors/crashes. Thanks !